Didn't anyone ever tell you it's okay to shine?

Cam and Mykel’s vlog!

Video here!

Jamie and Mike do the whisper challenge!

Part 1 here!

Part 2 here!

Special clip from Trent and Luke’s vlog! Vinny shows off in high heels!

Video here!

Trent and Luke go to London to party with Will & RJ and Vinny & Luke!

Video here!

David and Chris do the boyfriend tag!

Video here!

Dan and Brian preparing for their cruise!

Video here!

This blog has officially surpassed 5,000 followers!! Here is another mass gif set of 10 amazing and sweet couples in honor of the occasion!

Jamie and Mike!

Nick and Jason!

Matthew and Michael!

Sal and Jay!

Ben and Jake!

Benn and Tom!

Mando and Isaak!

Michael and Luigi!

Sebastian and John!

Cam and Mykel!

Matthew and Nick do the whisper challenge!

Video here!

Mark and Ethan’s hiking adventure!

Video here!

Josh and Victor do the boyfriend tag!

Video here!

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