Didn't anyone ever tell you it's okay to shine?

After one year of living in the UK, Luke tests Vinny to see how English he is!

Video here: http://youtu.be/_-Yg5w14q7w

Karsten and Wayne starred in a short film made by Rehana Virani!

Check out these sweet moments on their channel here: http://youtu.be/e4vxB0_Rjlw

But don’t forget to watch the short film here: http://youtu.be/mOkBKRAioDk

Justin and Kalvin do the boyfriend tag!

Video here: http://youtu.be/0b6_AUVV7Xg

Matthew (booshoe37) and Michael do the boyfriend tag!

Video here: http://youtu.be/b689D0PIgfA

Benn and Tom meet the kangaroos!

Video here: http://youtu.be/APDud_iEPUo

Kyle and Josh do the boyfriend tag!

Video here: http://youtu.be/HuLRCe8XugQ

0h-danny-b0yy said: You are so awesome! I love all your gifsets 😄👍

Thank youuu!! You are too sweet! <3

Vinny and Luke talk about the letters they used to send each other when they were long distance!

Video here: http://youtu.be/l970iOLfet4

Mark and Ethan draw something x 2!

Video here: http://youtu.be/mb2cSqWbOOw

lovehouse said: I love your blog! :3 ♡♥♡♥

Thank you! You just made my day! :D <3

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